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Best Chainlink Exchanges Ranked For Security, Range Of Payment Methods, Support, and Ease Of Use

We’ve listed the best Chainlink Exchanges so you can make the best choice on where to buy Chainlink (LINK). Complete Crypto’s review system helps us provide recommendations on the best place and how to buy Chainlink, and ensure you enjoy a safe and easy-to-use experience. Start your Chainlink journey below…

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Best Chainlink Exchanges 2021

+ Bank Transfer

+ Informative Podcast

+ Futures Trading

+ Great Customer Support

+ Bank Transfer

+ Credit/Debit Cards

+ Beginner Friendly

+ Fast Customer Support

+ Multiple Payment Methods

+ Wide Range of Services

+ Intuitive Interface

Online Wallet

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+ Low Fees

+ Spot & Derivative Trading

+ Beginner Friendly

+ Paypal Accepted

Coinbase Screenshot

+ Bank Transfer

+ Wide Range of Services

+ Beginner Friendly

+ Online Wallet

+ Low Transaction Fees

+ Advanced Offering

+ Strong Reputation

+ Online Wallet

How Are The Best Chainlink Exchanges Reviewed?

Security Measures

Our first step is to analyse both the security and trustworthiness of each Exchange. We know that it is paramount for your funds and personal data to be safe. We continuously monitor which Exchanges use industry best practice in terms of security.

Ease Of Use

With a large number of Crypto traders & investors now opting for mobile devices either instead of or in addition to desktop, it’s crucial that exchanges are optimised for all devices. We review an exchanges usability and optimisation on numerous mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Fees Breakdown

If you frequently trade and make a high volume of transactions, buying, selling and transferring your cryptocurrency assets; its vital that you minimise the fees involved in each process. At Complete Crypto we monitor which exchanges offer the most competitive fees for you.

Volume Of Trading

Each Exchange has differing levels of trading volume. As a potential indicator of usage, we take this into account, alongside other features, to determine trust of the platform. Exchanges with low trading volume receive more scrutiny in our review process.

The History Of Chainlink

Chainlink goes hand in hand with smart contracts.  It is a Cryptocurrency that is designed to create a universally connected system of smart contracts with data from the real world. From the words on their own website

“A cryptographically enforced system of contracts will take both our daily lives and the world’s emerging markets into a new age of economic fairness, transparency and efficiency—one driven less by vague brand promises and more by the real value created by individuals and institutions.”

To facilitate the use of real data, Chainlink utilizes Oracles. Oracles are the external data feeds that allow smart contracts to trigger based on pre-determined conditions (in the contract) being hit.

Chainlink (LINK) was developed by Sergey Nazarov and launched by the company SmartContract in June 2017. The co-founders are listed as Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis. Ari Juels also was involved in the publication of the whitepaper for Chainlink and is listed as an advisor to the company.

After launching in the Summer, September 2017 saw Chainlink undergo an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) where they raised $32 million for a total supply of 1 billion LINK tokens, this equates to 35% of the max supply of Chainlink.

In March 2021, Grayscale Investments (the largest company holders of Bitcoin) announced that Chainlink would be included in their 5 new investment trusts.

If you’re looking to learn more about Chainlink (LINK), check out our guide here.

Chainlink In Numbers

Chainlink is a Cryptocurrency creation of well-respected entrepreneur Sergey Nazarov (who is rumoured to even be Satoshi Nakamoto). If you’re looking where to buy Chainlink, some of the stats below are great context to have.

Age Of Sergey Nazarov When He Started Working On Crypto Projects


% Held By Large Holders/Whales


% Of Supply Sold At ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

USD $ Raised At ICO

How we help you find where to buy Chainlink

Chainlink is a Cryptocurrency that looks to empower and innovate on the concept of smart contracts further. 

The team at Complete Crypto analyzes Chainlink supporting Exchanges across multiple factors: ease of use, security, and versatility. This is then converted to digestible reviews and content for you; so you can make the most informed decision as to where to buy Chainlink.

The Best Chainlink Exchanges 2021

So now you know how to buy Chainlink (LINK),  where from via our recommended Exchanges, and importantly how we review them. Here’s a reminder of our top recommendations of where to buy Chainlink.



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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about Chainlink, and what our users ask when looking for the best places and where to buy Chainlink.

Who developed Chainlink?

Chainlink was created by Sergey Nazarov and co-founder Steve Ellis and launched in June 2017 under the company SmartContract

What is the maximum supply of Chainlink?

The maximum supply of Chainlink is 1bn

Was Chainlink the first Cryptocurrency?

No, it launched in 2017 – a whole 8 years after Bitcoin.

What is the most secure Exchange to buy Chainlink?

All of our recommended Exchanges keep security to a high standard. Kraken and CEX.io have great security and come most highly recommended by Complete Crypto.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is an automatically executing computer program (or self-executing) contract between people/parties online. The computer program controls the execution, and therefore the transactions are trackable and irreversible. For a more in-depth answer check out our guide here.

What is an Oracle?

Oracles are essentially data feeds in smart contracts. They provide external data that can trigger smart contracts to execute (if conditions for agreed-upon criteria are hit).