Is Sergey Nazarov Satoshi Nakamoto?

The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has long been a mystery ever since Bitcoin launched on January 3rd, 2009. 

Many big figures in the Crypto industry have been linked with Satoshi and there has long been a hunt for clues and hints as to who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto might be. 

More recently, UX Sequence produced a report into the mysteries of Sergey Nazarov – one of the founders of Chainlink with many years of experience in the sector. They compiled some big clues together linking Sergey Nazarov with none other than Satoshi Nakamoto…

Is Sergey Nazarov Satoshi

Has The Mystery Been Solved?

Clue 1 – & Sergey

Clue number 1 starts with the fact that Sergey Nazarov bought the domain a mere 6 days before the Bitcoin whitepaper published by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008. allows you to investigate the history of the domain as currently, redirects to Chainlink Labs. 

Before this the smart contract website was a site in itself, detailing the benefits of smart contracts. Namely the data-driven verification, fully automated enforcement, and secure storage in Blockchain. 

Perhaps as a clue, this isn’t ground-breaking but this is the first in a series of clues that all combined together point towards Sergey Nazarov being a likely candidate for Satoshi. 

A lot of people have also drawn attention to the YouTube clip (see below) which confirms just how long Sergey has been involved in the Crypto/Blockchain sector (10 years). You don’t have to be an expert in reading people to get a sense that Sergey feels like he said too much here.

Clue 2 – Proxies and QED Capital

There are other Blockchain domains too that were registered… Some of these show a strong connection with a company based in Russia called QED Capital. A few sites were registered with this company in 2012 as well as being behind two key projects of Secure Asset Exchange and Crypto Mail. Of course, is also linked with QED Capital, they were the ones who registered it with Sergey – based on the WhoIs record. Sergey himself is listed as the Managing Director of QED Capital

Now interestingly, it was revealed back in 2020 that a Russian proxy was used in the set up of the website. Some further investigative work by Michael Kapilkov from Cointelegraph also indicated that the same IP used for this proxy was also used to submit reviews of hotels in Vietnam. The reviews were submitted by a Russian user, a Russian user named Sergey.

Now, it is worth pointing out that Vietnam is popular amongst Russian tourists, and Sergey is quite a common name… But the clues are really starting to mount up now. 


Clue 3 – Perfectly Spherical Pearls

Although later and in 2013, Sergey has shown form for Japanese interest and even relatively obscure Japanese history. He posted about Kokichi Mikimoto, a creator of perfectly spherical pearls back in 1878. Kokichi through trial and error had come upon a process to massively improve the pearl farming industry and even improve upon the best pearls found naturally. 


Clue 4 – The Initials Are The Giveaway!

The most tenuous of clues in isolation, but many have pointed to this in combination with the other 3. Sergey Nazarov and Satoshi Nakamoto share the SN initials – coincidence? According to many, no. 

There are other suspected candidates who may uncover the mystery of who Satoshi Nakamoto is. But the fact it is such a mystery, really adds to the romance and aura around Bitcoin and in fact, the Crypto sector as a whole. As often hypothesized, it could well be that Satoshi is a collective group of people, and for that reason, his identity will always remain a secret; with no grand unveiling possible. And of course plausible deniability from all involved…

What do you think? Could Sergey be Satoshi? Many believers of the theory are looking to the next big project from “SN” of Chainlink. If you’re looking for the best places to buy Chainlink, we have you covered.