Crypto Exchange Reviews Process

At Complete Crypto we pride ourselves on surfacing the information that matters in your choice of Crypto Exchange. Our team utilise a thorough review process which consists of 4 key steps. As a team they are always looking to improve this process in enabling you to start your best possible Crypto journey. 

Step 1 – Security Measures

Step number 1 is crucial, and it is fundamental that Crypto exchanges pass our expected standards of security before we move further in the review process. If an Exchange has clear or severe security limitations, we will not list this Exchange on our site. If you see a reviewed Exchange or an Exchange in our list of Best Crypto Exchanges, you can be assured it has passed our standards. 

We continuously monitor the security levels of our listed Exchanges too, so we have confidence you are getting the best recommendations. 

Once we have confidence that your funds and your stored Cryptos in an online wallet are secure we can proceed onto step number 2. 

Step 2 – Ease Of Use

So now, we know the Exchange is safe and secure it is onto step 2. Is the Exchange easy to use and can users make the most of the platform without getting confused. IF an Exchange does not offer solutions or an experience that makes it easy to understand and navigate; we make sure to highlight this and if particularly poor we won’t even list it. 

In an increasingly mobile device driven world, a great experience across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet and apps) is required to make the cut of Exchanges we recommend to you. 

So, your funds and Cryptos would be secure and the platform is simple to use and work your way around. Then it is onto step 3…

Step 3 – Fees Breakdown

A safe platform that is easy to use is great, and now the breakdown on how much it’ll cost you to use this Exchange i.e. buy and sell Cryptocurrencies is the next step. 

If you frequently trade and make a high volume of transactions, buying, selling and transferring your cryptocurrency assets; its vital that you minimise the fees involved in each process. We monitor how competitive an Exchange’s fees are vs its peers and ensure we leverage and highlight the more expensive vs cheaper ones for you. Our written reviews breakdown the fees in more transparency for you and fast track you to get the relevant information on the Exchange’s side too. 

It is safe, got great usability and you now have transparency on their fees… onto step 4.

Step 4 – Number Of Cryptos

As the saying goes “variety is the spice of life” and that’s certainly something we think is important in Crypto Exchanges. Cryptocurrencies are a new and fast growing technology and some Exchanges keep up much faster and incorporate new and exciting Cryptos more than others.

Starting out you want to know that your chosen Exchange will allow you the flexibility and capacity to buy or sell the Cryptocurrency coins you want to.

With an ever-growing range, we regularly update our reviews and recommendations with the latest count of Cryptocurrencies the Exchanges offer.


This completes our 4 step process to find and review the Best Crypto Exchanges for you.