Tom Brady Bitcoin Hodler?

Are Tom Brady Bitcoin Lazer Eyes Incoming?

Rumours have been spreading about Tom Brady Bitcoin holdings, and now the man himself has responded on Twitter. He’s certainly got many excited in the Bitcoin (and Sports) community that another big announcement may be due also…

Sean Culkin of the Kansas City Chiefs only recently announced he’d be taking his whole salary as Bitcoin next season, and with Tom Brady himself rumoured to be “loading up”, some expect the sporting GOAT (although that’s a conversation for another day maybe…) to do similar.

A huge figure like Tom Brady could do even more to help Bitcoin and Cryptos find their feet in Sports. The NFL especially has seen a lot of Crypto cross-over stories with Sean Culkin Bitcoin salary, Trevor Lawrence Bitcoin bonuses, and Grayscale partnering with the New York Giants. A huge name like Tom Brady could really accelerate the adoption beyond the NFL and into many other Sports.

As teased below, expect Tom Brady Bitcoin lazer eyes to be the first step…

What do you make of Tom Brady Bitcoin hodler? Will a Tom Brady Bitcoin salary be the next big Crypto-related story from the NFL? If you want to increase your holdings of Bitcoin, and aspire to purported Tom Brady Bitcoin levels… We’ve compiled the best places to buy Bitcoin here. 

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