Sony Patent For Bitcoin Wagering

A Sony Patent For Bitcoin Wagering And An eSports Betting Platform Has Been Revealed

Filed for in 2019, the Sony patent for Bitcoin wagering has now been revealed. The pattern covers gambling or wagering on eSports via numerous currencies, including Bitcoin. There would also be a machine algorithm that can determine the odds of every bet based on players’ abilities and previous match history. 

This system will be able to operate across a number of products including the top Sony product, the PlayStation, but even across other consoles made by Nintendo and Microsoft. With a scope this wide, the Sony patent for Bitcoin wagering could be far-reaching and produce massive benefits for the electronics company… 

In fact, this Sony patent for Bitcoin wagering could produce another revenue stream entirely for Sony and other companies that host eSports competitions. eSports competitions have gained even more popularity in the last year too due to the Covid-19 pandemic, making it all the more exciting an opportunity for Sony. With so many millions of followers and players worldwide, all it would take is a small fraction for this revenue stream to skyrocket for Sony. 

What do you think about the reveal of the Sony patent for Bitcoin wagering? Does the combination of eSports and Bitcoin gambling produce a match made in revenue heaven? Let us know in the comments below.

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