Satoshi Statue In Hungary

A Satoshi Statue In Hungary Is Being Built To Raise Awareness Of Bitcoin & Blockchain In The Country

The mysterious and anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, will soon be honored via a statue in Budapest, Hungary. 

A Satoshi statue in Hungary is part of an initiative through Blockchain Budapest to raise awareness of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. 

The statue itself is planned to be human height and made of aluminum bronze. With Satoshi’s identity being unknown, the statue will have no particular gender and a hoodie with a Bitcoin logo on its chest. The designers wanted anyone to be able to look into the face of the statue and see themselves in it, as “Satoshi can inspire and be anyone.”

The Satoshi Nakamoto statue in Budapest, Hungary will also be next to another legendary tech figure, Steve Jobs’ statue in Graphisoft Park. 

What do you think about a Satoshi statue in Hungary? Keen to request a Satoshi Nakamoto in your local area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Satoshi Nakamoto truly inspires and adds a great lauyer of romance to the Bitcoin story. There are many rumours as to who he could be, some suggesting even multiple people… One interesting theory is that Satoshi Nakamoto is the legendary founder of Chainlink; Sergey Nazarov!

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