Mark Cuban On Cardano

Twitter Watched Closely With Thoughts By Mark Cuban On Cardano With Charles Hoskinson Replying…

Mark Cuban has many titles to his name, Dallas Mavericks owner, billionaire, Media personality to name a few. Crypto advocate and supporter of Dogecoin recently too. On Twitter last night he was asked about Cardano (ADA) and Mark Cuban on Cardano raised some interesting questions – which Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano) was quick to respond on. 

The debate went on and the thread is worth a read-through. Charles Hoskinson looked to point to what he believes are the most promising signs for Cardano:

“Seriously mark? It was just a friendly invite, but you want me to pitch ada over Twitter? OK, we have five million students in Ethiopia, thousands of assets issued on Cardano, a nice DApp ecosystem brewing for smart contract launch, a new VC model with catalyst, huge community…People are issuing NFTs on Cardano. My Twitter pic is an example of one. Our people have been negotiating an MOU for example with your venture Lazy for NFT. Billions of dollars worth of ada move every day. It’s a vibrant ecosystem that’s awaiting smart contracts later this year.” 

In looking to change the opinion of Mark Cuban on Cardano, Hoskinson also rose the topic of smart contracts, an area Cuban is particularly impressed by. Hoskinson said:

We rebuilt the entire smart contract model. It took four years to do it, but it’s necessary if you actually want security and scale. No more DAO hacks, less off-chain code. Consistent operating cost. Furthermore I want all devs not just solidity devs.”

While Mark Cuban was not one to doubt the credits of the Cardano project so far, he did call into question why smart contracts hadn’t been an earlier focus for the project, especially considering Hoskinson’s involvement in the founding of Ethereum:

“That’s great ! I’m happy for your application in Ethiopia and thousand of assets issued. Let’s talk when The platform stops brewing and starts serving users. Not saying you can’t do well. Just saying you aren’t there yet. But u are an Eth OG. Why no smart contracts to start ?”

The Mark Cuban Charles Hoskinson exchange ended amicably though when Hoskinson uploaded a video to explain his thoughts and discuss the benefits of Cardano; with Cuban wishing him well. 

What do you think about the thoughts of Mark Cuban on Cardano? Is he right to be taking a wait-and-see approach, or is Charles Hoskinson onto something big with this project and deserves backing now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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