Lack Of Knowledge Main Crypto Barrier

A Recent Report From The Economist Indicates Lack Of Knowledge Main Crypto Barrier

According to a recent report from The Economist, Digitmentality 2021, a lack of knowledge and understanding of Cryptocurrencies remain the largest barriers to wider adoption. 

The study was run from February to March 2021 and included responses from 3,053 respondents. The study itself was commissioned by Crypto Exchange  – 

Some of the more notable statistics in the report were:

– 51% of respondents indicating a lack of knowledge or understanding of Cryptos being the main barrier to wider adoption

– 34% believing security being the largest issue

– 29% not knowing where they could buy Crypto

– 36% believing asset volatility a large turn off for wider adoption 

You can read the full report here

Is the lack of knowledge main Crypto barrier? Or do you think there are other reasons preventing entry into the Crypto space. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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