Cobie Charity Livestream

Cobie Charity Livestream Raises Over $800k For A Child’s Cancer Treatment Payment

The Crypto world can be very intense at times, especially yesterday with the big prices drops after the Elon and Bitcoin community fallout

There isn’t always stressful or worrying news in the Crypto world though. The team at Complete Crypto has found this to be a particularly uplifting story. Well-known Twitter personality Cobie @CryptoCobain recently managed to raise over $800k via a charity Livestream. This was all done to help pay for a child’s cancer treatment. 

The Cobie charity live stream was for 6-year old, John Oliver Zippay, who has been battling Leukemia for years. The donations were helped to really escalate after the donation of 12 ETH (a value of $40k) from Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of FTX Exchange. The rest of the $800k came in the form of other Ethereum based tokens of USDC, Tether, and others.

This was an amazing effort, and we salute you Cobie! Perhaps even more amazingly, this isn’t the first Cobie charity live stream. He’s done them in the past and is clearly a great influence for a positive use of Cryptos in the industry. 


Great to see Crypto be used for such a powerful and uplifting cause. The Cobie charity Livestream was for such a worthy cause and the team at Complete Crypto wishes you and John Oliver all the best!

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