Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase

Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase To Run Throughout May

Announced yesterday on Twitter and other channels was the Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase. This is another innovative approach from Chainlink in sourcing great ideas and experimentation amongst the community of developers interested in the potential of oracle networks and smart contracts

The initiative will run throughout May 2021 and follows up on the March-April Virtual Hackathon that Chainlink ran.

Developers are encouraged to experiment and improve upon Chainlink Starter Kits that use Chainlink Price Feeds, VRF (Verifiable Random Function), or Any-API functionality. The projects created from these will then be shared with the community to further innovation and learnings. 

These Starter Kits are open-source projects based upon existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) development frameworks that enable developers to easily integrate Chainlink features or tools into projects. 

Each of these starter kits offers developers a working code repository that contains simple but complete versions of the three widely used Chainlink oracle functions (Price Feeds, VRF, and Any-API.” 

If you’re wanting to get involved in the Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase you can find the Starter Kits pinned to their GitHub account. The three starter kits are:

– Hardhat Starter Kit (JavaScript and TypeScript-based development environment)

– Brownie Starter Kit (Python-based development and testing framework)

– Truffle Starter Kit (development and testing framework for Blockchains using EVM)

The full summary of the Chainlink Start Kit Showcase can be found on their blog and we encourage those interested to get involved and get innovating!


What do you think about the Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase?  Excited to see what developers can come up with and experiment?

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We’ll be keeping an eye on what comes out of the Chainlink Starter Kit Showcase, so be sure to come back to Complete Crypto News, or follow us on Twitter.