Top Companies Holding Bitcoin 

The cryptocurrency market is going from strength to strength in 2021 and one of the primary causes for this rise is the increasing number of institutional investors buying in to crypto. 

During the last major bull run in 2017, the main reason for the huge growth in the total market capitalisation was through speculation from retail investors; however in 2021 the institutions seem to be leading the charge. Lets take a look at who the top 5 companies holding the most Bitcoin are: 


649,130 Bitcoins – Worth $38,997,263,706 

Topping the list are Grayscale, among other funds Grayscale manage the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust which is the largest Bitcoin fund in the world. 

Block One 

140,000 Bitcoins – Worth $8,410,668,000 

Coming in at number two are Block One, who are a blockchain software company. They are most famous for developing the EOS.IO protocol. 


91,064 Bitcoins – Worth $5,470,779,076 

Run by the famous Michael Saylor, Microstrategy has two main business aims. They focus on both their enterprise analytics software business and buying and holding Bitcoin. 

It was only in February that Microstrategy bolstered their BTC portfolio with an additional 19,452 bitcoins.


69,730 Bitcoins – Worth $4,189,113,426 

Coinshares describe themselves as ‘pioneers in digital asset investing’. Coinshares provides a range of services to its clients including asset management, venture capital, advisory and capital markets. 


48,000 Bitcoins – Worth $2,883,657,600 

Tesla is the most well known company on the list, their CEO Elon Musk has long be a proponent of cryptocurrency. Firstly he showed support for Dogecoin; however now he is a huge fan of Bitcoin. 

In a huge step just two weeks ago, Tesla announced that they would accept payment for their electric vehicles in Bitcoin. 

It looks like we will only see more and more companies wanting to benefit from Bitcoin going forward. 

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