Crypto Slang Terms & Terminology

Crypto is a fast-moving and highly technical space. But it is also a huge community that exists across forums and social media big time! Whatever your own social media preference (be it Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook etc), if well-navigated, a newcomer to Crypto can benefit greatly from the wealth of information these communities offer. But there are also pitfalls.

Like any community, it has also developed its own slang terminology, memes and so on. Not only can understanding these terms help you better understand discussions of Crypto on social media, some of these terms contain a sort of “folk wisdom” that can help you beware of both common mistakes and good practice in the Crypto investing space.

DYOR (do your own research): You will often see strong endorsements of the various Crypto projects available. Often these are accompanied by encouragement to do your own research. It is always a good idea to look into projects, understand their ambitions, their price history, competitors and so on.

Shilling: Many of the people on social media are shilling, promoting their own preferred project. Obviously this means that their advice may be less than objective and at times downright biased. But worse still, it could be part of a…

Pump and Dump: this is where a group collectively heavily promote investment in a certain project. As other investors pile in, the price can increase very rapidly. Then, at a certain point, the original group suddenly sell, (“dump”) causing the price to drop rapidly. 

FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt): partly because Crypto markets are so volatile and partly because most of the projects are still at relatively early stage in their development, you will hear many positive but also many negative stories and rumours. You might hear them referred to as “FUD”. Sometimes it turns out to have been overly-pessimistic, but that is not always the case. As always, it is a good idea to be cautious and as well informed as possible. 

HODL: a familiar meme, originally a misspelling of “hold”. It stands for the idea that amidst the volatility of price that, unless you are an expert at reading charts, you might be better off simply holding onto the Crypto you have bought through the volatility. This is especially applicable where you believe the “fundamentals” of the particular project is strong, hence the importance of DYOR.

FOMO (fear of missing out): a common practice that very often turns out to be a mistake. This is where an investor sees a particular coin/token increasing in value and suddenly buys into it without knowing enough about the project and what a suitable entry price would be.

Don’t chase green: psychologically, it feels more comfortable to buy when you see the price is rising and the indicators are all “green”. However, you could be engaging in FOMO.

Buy the dip: far less comfortable, psychologically speaking, is to buy “red” when prices have been dropping. You will often see people urging “buy the dip” where they believe the price is temporarily dropping but will soon resume rising. As ever, caution is still a good idea. People often “buy the dip” only to see it dip further still!

Moon/Mooning: When a Crypto coin/token is rapidly increasing in price and volume.

Whale: a person or institution that owns a large proportion of the available coins in any particular Cryptocurrency. Therefore their actions, buying or selling, can quickly have a substantial impact on price.

Bag holder: someone who has bought a coin at a relatively high price only to see the price quickly drop far below their entry price. They are now in a position where they are unwilling to sell and confirm a large loss but are unlikely to be able sell at an acceptable price anytime soon.

The community is ever growing and with that, expect more and more terminology and slang to come in. As ever, the team at Complete Crypto will be here to guide and inform you on what it all means. So be sure to check back and bookmark this page, alongside all our other Guides